Sires and Dams


Aspen joined our crew as a 4 year old coming from Lonesome Pine Aussies! She is the most loyal relaxed momma you can come by. She is always by my side not having a distraction in the world. We are more than pleased with choosing her to join us, when we did! She holds the true definition of aussie, loyal and loving.

Size: 15.5 inches

Lady (Dam)

Lady is a very quiet energetic female! She is polite to her other siblings and would be a couch potato if we let her! She has a low drive which follows her relax personality!

Size: 14 inches

Pearl (Dam)

Oh sweet Pearl! She is the leader of the Dam pack! Which follows right behind her alpha momma, who start our love for these babies! She goes none stop and loves to play! You’ll find her with all the toys stashed under her paws playing hide n seek with her siblings. We truly believe she was God sent as we lost her sweet momma, she’ll forever remain by our side!

Size: 14.5 inches

Daisy (Dam)

Daisy is a offspring of Aspen. She is one of our upcoming Dams! Daisy is still in her spunky puppy stage, she follows behind her momma in wanting to be right by our side when we are doing chores! Anxious to see her finish growing.

Size: 15


Huck is going to be the huckleberry of our group. He is the son of Gunner our main man, and we are so pleased with our decision to keep him back! His personality is to notch and so relaxed! Along his daddy he could probably compete in highest jumper contest 😉

Size: N/A


Gunner is a sassy little ASDR man that knows he runs the yard! He is full of energy and go all the time, but ready to slow down and drink morning coffee with you as well. He throws GORGEOUS babies and very unique merles. We love this sass ball!

Size: 13 inches

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